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Prado Dam

Links for Current Reservoir Information

The approach end of runway 07 at the Corona Airport sits at 515′ elevation. Some of the hangars at the west end of the airport are lower than that. The following links provide data on the current water inflow/outflow and the water levels.

Prado Dam Summary – (US Army Corps of Engineers) Provides very detailed information including precipitation gages for areas upstream from the Prado Dam as well as stream flows for areas above and below the dam. Also includes average inflow to the dam.

Latest Elevation Data – (US Army Corps of Engineers) Select the Prado location and the number of days of data to view (1-180days). Then select to view the output in text or plot (graph) form. Provides elevation, storage, avg inflow, inst outflow.

Prado Dam – – (CA Gov Site) Provides only elevation of the reservoir. (Make sure you click the “Latest” link to get the up to date information)

The Corona Airport sits on land leased from the Federal Government that is part of the Prado flood-risk management reservoir. The maximum flow from the dam was increased from 9,000 cfs to 30,000 cfs as part of a $740 million improvement plan.

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